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Perry Hill Farm

Millbrook, New York, USA

sunny 33 °C

After 3 weeks in New York City, I board a train and head into the countryside for a change of scenery. Surprisingly early in the trip, buildings begin to disappear and are replaced by woodlands and what could either be lakes or rivers - I can't quite tell. I am met at Dover Plains station by Jon and Vicki and their seven year old son Joshua, who is actually a scientist.

Perry Hill Farm is small in size but is home to many different animals, all rescued at some point in time. Around the property there are turkeys, chickens, horses, donkeys, cows, cats, dogs and probably others. The garden area is teeming with randomly placed herbs, vegetables and weeds (all organic of course). Vicki uses many different herbs and weeds in medicinal teas, balms and oils which she sells at a weekly farmers market. Also featured in the garden is a 'medicine wheel', inspired by Native American growing patterns.

As well as the use of weeds and herbs, Vicki is interested in permaculture. Permaculture is the growing of crops in a way that mimics how they would occur in nature. The result is a sustainable way of using the land to provide produce for human use. It aims to work in a cycle where the plants can work together and provide a range of benefits to each other and their surroundings.

The newly built dam is great for cooling down and washing off after a few hours of working in the sun. Watching over the tadpoles and I is an American tree frog displaying its bright yellow belly and bulging throat. My home for the fortnight is this nice little corner in the top of the barn:

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